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A Gecko for Luck

The call of the large house gecko, the tokek, is regarded by Indonesians as an omen of good luck. When its Tok rings out through the night, both city and country people count the number of calls. An odd number means luck, seven calls mean very good luck, but nine calls mean the height of happiness and success.
The author worked in the newly founded independent state of Indonesia for 18 years, helping to build up its infrastructure in the fields of telecommunications, electro-technology and solar energy. He allows us to share many experiences, events and memories, both professional and personal.
He includes many historical facts about the Indonesian struggle for independence from its colonial rulers as well as the political unrest that

followed in the post-colonial period, including the coup which he himself experienced that overthrew Sukarno, the first President of the new republic, and links all this with accounts of his own experiences and many amusing occurrences.
Tokeks could be heard both at home in Jakarta and in his weekend house in Carita. The ninefold cry often rang out and its prophesy was fulfilled: Indonesia brought luck and happiness to the author.

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